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It has been a week since we were back from Tokyo. Life seems back to normal after the spring festival holiday, getting to be as crowded and noisy as before 🙂

Tokyo is a huge city. Although I never been to US, I was in quite many capitals and big cities in other countries, as well as live in BJ everyday, ?I have to say I was shocked by the commercial center in Tokyo. There was a quite famous film called “Lost in Translation”, but when they translated the name in Chinese, they called it “Lost in Tokyo”, quite as my feeling about it. Tokyo could be one of the most expensive city to leave, especially accommodation and transportation. Fruits are also compared to Finland, (I’d rather eat a kilo “not-that-perfect looking” Strawberry in China than eat several “perfect looking” ones in Japan with same price ). But we tried the very high quality Sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine ?as well as many lovely sweets and snacks in that week. Geli will surely like the food there, many kind of fish, and very fresh!

The people looks so different from Chinese, maybe I can’t tell too much difference from their face, but the way they dress, talk, behavior is very different from us, I like watching Japanese girls in metro especially, they dress very pretty and elegant, almost every girl wear skirts! I was quite cold with my warm jeans, I guess they may also cold? Or they’re already get use to it? We saw primary school students with short skirts and shorts as their uniform…The girls are also very slim (some are unhealthy small), and make up carefully. I was very obvious a tourist from outside, no one think we’re local. Jan once said I always “pretend” to distinguish Chinese from Japanese and Korean, but now I could tell him, Japanese also can do that! I can tell the business men and women are working very hard, everyone running in the metro station in the morning, I saw the same thing in HK before, but not anywhere else. There was not some of them running, almost everyone were running, and they didn’t jogging, they did run very fast! Even with skirts and high heels, unbelievable. I’ll definitely fall down if running like that in the high heels shoes!

The city is very well organized and very tidy and neat. The people there are also very organized, very well educated. We even saw the homeless people who slept in the underground lined neatly, with same space in between and towards the same direction, and no rubbish around! Amazing! No one break the traffic rules, so the car won’t slow down when they cross the streets, I guess if they drive the same way in BJ, they may kill at least 10 people in a single morning. Can’t imagine how many we need to wait until we could drive that way in BJ. We also have chance to have some deep conversation with local people. We had a wonderful dinner with Chen Nan’s former business partner when he worked for the previous company. He showed us around and we could have the chance to try the very local Japanese cuisine. And we also met a Chinese fan in a historical place, when Chen Nan and I talked ourselves, he came to talk with us in Chinese, and told us he was studying Chinese now and wanted to know more about China. Then he invited us for traditional Japanese tea and sweets which were very lovely. We had a very nice talk.

Besides those tourist places we even went to see Yasukuni-Jinja. You may often hear this place in international news. It is a Shrine which is for remember those soldiers who dead during the war. But as you may know, in the near history, the war was happened between with China and Korea. So when Japanese
politicians went to worship those dead soldiers, it became a very unfriendly signal to the neighbor countries. We went there, and it was somehow different from what we thought. No smell of politics at all (maybe different when the politician comes) and no special signs about the war and the specific soldiers’ name. Sometime, I also think Chinese are very sensitive about politic issues, is it because we’re not confident enough? I hope we could become more tolerant with different ideas and blames, and forgiven those unhappy in the past. Our prime minister gave a speech in Cambridge University in UK last week, and one of the student throw a shoe to him (a German student, unluckily). But I really don’t think it’s a big thing, he may just want to express some different ideas and not really mean to hurt anyone. Our media is very serious about this, they forgot what a funny report they made when W.Bush was hit by the shoe in Iraq. Why don’t they take it easy and make some jokes to close the whole thing? OK, too political today don’t like a girl’s talk anymore 😛

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